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The Home Truths of WFH

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The Home Truths of Homeworking

Working effectively when your “out of office” goes permanent means going digital

The world is working from home and a lot of us won’t be back in the office full-time.

The benefits of flexible working are better understood than ever before: The cost-savings for businesses and their workers, the impact that “going remote” is having on slowing the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, and the greater levels of productivity that are made possible with the right set-up, among others.

Having a secure, easy to use document management system is a part of getting set up correctly, but we’ll get to that later on.

Let’s look at the numbers first.

In the U.K., the Understanding Society Covid-19 Study has turned up some interesting data. We’ve popped some highlights into this infographic to make it look nice.

infographic of the effects of the COVID19 pandemic on U.K. homeworking

Flexibity and maintaining connections

The European tech scene – an early adopter of flexible working by the very nature of the industry – was sized up by Amsource in their recent survey which you can check out here.

Here are a couple of things they have identified when it comes to keeping your top performers:

  • So much for feeling disconnected. The survey revealed an increasing trend towards increased care and attention in communication.
  • Companies that fail to get flexible run the risk of losing talent to those who do, and when recruiting, the focus on remote working from unicorn talent is going to increase, with just 3% keen to be fully office based.

The picture in the U.S. is very similar. Here’s another neat infographic where we’ve looked into digital transformation:

infographic of the effects of the COVID19 pandemic on U.S. homeworking

The “New Normal”

The overwhelming amount of data we are now trawling through enables us to draw a few important conclusions of our own. Let’s break down the Hadageto “WFH Big Three”:

  • The “new normal” we keep hearing about already involves much higher levels of homeworking than we have seen in the past.
  • Businesses have identified cost-saving opportunities which tend to fall in line with the wishes of their workers, and involve both exploiting and enjoying the benefits of remote working. Inflexible companies will lose out on attracting and retaining top talent.
  • Digital transformation and an overhaul of how information is shared, client relationships are maintained, data is stored, and cost centres are handled is well underway. Being lean and agile is really important if productivity is going to stay high, and we are doing it! Think less boardrooms, better on-boarding. Less commuting, more communication!

Your “new normal” life needs a DDMS.

Now don’t get me wrong; stats are great, but real-world examples of the homeworking revolution are too.

Look at the additions we’ve seen to our languages: we’ve all “Googled”, “Face-Timed”, and “YouTubed” before. But now many of us have “Zoomed” and “jumped on Teams” too. The big brands that facilitate our “new normal” have found their way into our vocabulary and that’s a big sign of the shift to flexible working and communication.

We all deserve a pat-on-the-back for problem solving, too. As is so often the case, unless you encounter a problem, you aren’t going to look for a solution! Staying safe, sharing information securely, chasing invoices, maintaining efficiency for clients, staying GDPR compliant, and simply keeping in touch with colleagues and customers all involve different tech solutions now. Having made changes that improve the way we do these things; we aren’t going to go back to the clunky old ways.

Look at how ingenious we are: we have online hospital appointments, we can order from our favourite restaurants, we’re attending Zoom yoga classes, and our teaching heroes are somehow running classrooms. We live in a world where, regardless of time zones or locations, when we need something we need it NOW! And we’re getting it. The speed of digital transformation during 2020 has been unprecedented (I know people keep using that word, but it’s true). We are data-hungry. Our digital world is constantly changing. Our mass awareness of safe data transfer and storage is getting better every day and the options we have to revolutionise the way we do business are everywhere.

closeup of a computer keyboard
Digital Document Management Systems are a big part of this picture: Photo by Marta Branco from Pexels

Managing documents digitally

Digital Document Management Systems (DDMS) are a big part of this picture. Every survey you scroll through, business owner you talk to and client you want to engage with fully expects a system to be in place. DDMS have gone from “an ideal” to “a necessity” in order to work safely, securely and efficiently.

Hadageto is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses who are looking to set up their first DDMS, or move to a platform with all of the features you need and none of the fuss or extortionate costs. The first step to getting it right is to engage with our very human, friendly team!

So, what have you got to lose? A lot, as it happens. Let’s have a chat about getting your digital transformation underway. Contact us here

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