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Excuses excuses

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Which excuse do you use?

image of a drawer marked Excuses
We’ve all got one or two: image c/o Simpsons Memes

There are plenty of neat articles about why you or your business needs a document management system like ours. These articles are very clever but we like to do things a bit differently at Hadageto, so today we’re going to look at the top reasons why people think that they DON’T need a platform like ours.

Spoiler: You probably do need one and you’re in the right place! You can try us out for FREE for three months using the coupon “staysafe”

I can do all of my work on email

I don’t disagree. You can do a lot with email, but whether you should and how secure your documents are is a completely different matter.

Email is open to all sorts of attacks. Can you ever be sure nobody other than the intended recipient can get hold of the attachments you are sending or receiving?

Did you know where your email copies are being stored? They replicate time and time again as they are sent and received, posing an opportunity for bad people to access them. That could put you and your recipient at risk: Not good if you are trading personal data.

How many times have you lost an email, or taken ages to find it? If only I had a dollar for every time that happened.

I’m not saying don’t use email, more urging you to be careful what you send on it.

Our system works alongside email and makes what you’re doing on it a lot safer. Hadageto provides a secure and so easy to use quick link service. Send a quick link out by email and your customer can download or upload documents for you to share in seconds, using a separate password agreed between you.

Don’t stop using email, just use it without sending attachments – your customers will appreciate the extra step you have taken to secure their personal data.

image of Boromir saying One Does Not Simply Recall An Email
He has a point: meme c/o all over the internet/ imgur

I’m old fashioned – I keep what I need in my filing cabinet.

You mean you TRY to keep what you need in a filing cabinet, right? Is your filing cabinet fire, theft and human proof? Does your filing cabinet trot along next to you to wherever you’ve been forced to work from home during the pandemic?

Does your filing cabinet keep track of who has accessed your documents and provide reminders about archiving? Does it ensure your documents are tamper-proof?

I’m old fashioned too. I love getting letters and even own a typewriter. But some things are too valuable for you to wave the “this is what I’m used to” argument stick.

image of a stack of folders
Neat online files beat folders and cabinets!: Image c/o pixabay - pexels

I’m not good with technology

Most people are not ace developers. Most of us are just normal people, wandering around, trying to be good to one another and make as few mistakes as possible.

You won’t know how simple Hadageto is to use until you try. We’re here to help in person and over tutorials. You can even get three months for free when you sign up, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel in that time without paying a cent. Use the case sensitive coupon staysafe to try it out.

Trust me, using our system is not hard or expensive. It has been designed by practical people like you and me to be extremely simple to navigate. The sophistication is in the level of security we’ve built in for you. Hadageto enables all businesses and personal users to be just as secure as big data companies.

image of a typewriter typing the word Vintage
Typewriters were high tech once!: Image c/o Suzy Hazelwood - pexels

I just don’t need a document management system

Obviously, it’s your choice at the end of the day. But if you have a passport, mortgage agreements, a will or buy anything online, you need some way of managing your documents.

No business is too small either. If you have information confidential to customers, invoices, insurance or send/receive online payments, you need a document management system.

It is likely that you use something to take care of these sorts of documents – perhaps email or keeping paper copies like we’ve talked about – but how secure is that system? The single important question to ask is what would you do if your email got hacked and/or you lost those important pieces of paper?

You would probably remember this article and wonder why you didn’t spend a few dollars a month so you could safely organise, manage and share your documents. If only you Had-a-get-to!

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