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Keep business, information and people safe during lockdown

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Expect the unexpected - future-proof your business against another lockdown

Protecting your profit margins, paperwork and people from the pandemic with a secure document management system

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Everyone knows that Digital Document Management Systems (DDMS) can make businesses more productive, help meet GDPR compliance, keep your important documents secure, easy to find and share, and frankly do a lot of your company ‘life admin’.

So, this blog post isn’t going to go over old ground. There’s another pressing issue to consider.

Worldwide lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic have changed everything.

Offices have been powered down. Wardrobes have been ‘Marie Kondo-ed’. Spare rooms have been painted. Getting your important documents secure, in order and within easy reach is a no brainer.

With an overwhelming number of people working from home, DDMS are playing a part in staying safe.

That’s right, safe.

Going paperless, going digital, moving to an electronic filing and sharing system; call it what you want, making this change is essential for businesses to keep profit margins, paperwork and people in the safest spaces possible – more so in such a weird time for the world.

Here are some infuriating scenarios you might recognise:

  • Working from home and struggling with tasks such as sending payslips securely without using email, or large documents where email systems can’t handle the job.
  • Chasing client invoices without knowing who has received what, how, or where it ought to be sent. ‘COVID’ is a common excuse for late and missing payments as companies struggle to chase payments in remote operation and economic downturn constrains new business.
  • Repeatedly having to check if sensitive documents like contracts, forms and business plans have made it to your recipients, while on the phone, watching the kids, trying to eat a sandwich and prepping for a video conference.

It’s time to do away with these issues.

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DDMS make normal life easier and life in 2020 is far from normal. In a world where barricading yourself in your house with 100 toilet rolls isn’t unheard of, preparing for the unexpected has become an important part of staying safe.

Think about it:

  • Your information is secure, not left all over the office, and you have better sharing options. Documents are sent to who you want, when you want, and you can see when they are opened. We offer assured digital delivery (unlike email). I mean, come on, how many times have you clicked ‘yes’ when asked to send a read receipt? No, me neither.
  • Your employees can access the information they need and efficiently share what they need to among each other and with your clients. That keeps cash coming in and projects moving.
  • There’s less need for employees to chase invoices. You can see when they’re opened, too. It’s all done securely and tracked. It saves time and improves transparency. There’s no downside.

While we all hope another lockdown won’t be necessary, past pandemics suggest it is a strong possibility.

If you have been stuck without a document you’ve needed while home-working, you need a DDMS.

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This is the part where I explain why you’ve come to the right place:

  • There are some very complicated, powerful and pricey systems out there, designed for enormous blue chip companies. Ours isn’t. It’s powerful, sure, but it’s super-simple to use and specifically designed for small businesses, many of which are implementing a DDMS system for the first time; a daunting and seemingly big job we can help you with.
  • When I say we, I mean real humans. Living, breathing, friendly humans that can get on the phone and help you, not bots or automated replies. You can ask us anything – we love questions and challenges. We’re working remotely, too, so we know where you’re coming from.
  • There are lots of useful things you can do with our system. We help build your digital archive, classify it and keep it super secure, share documents with others if you want to, track who reads what you send, and put an end to missing paperwork or invoices that mysteriously disappear. It’s more interesting if we show you and it only takes 10 minutes.

We’re all certain of one thing: We don’t know what lies ahead. Could another lockdown damage your business and make remote working difficult for your team? Take the first step in keeping your business, information and people safe by having a conversation with Hadageto.

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