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Small Business Needs Big Security

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Some small business advisers ace customer security every time. Here’s how…

There is no rest for independent business consultants and the start of each year is incredibly busy for these tireless small business heroes. Being super-organised, personable, easily contactable and handling important documents safely are essential strengths at times like this.

Ever look at what others are doing and think ‘how do they have time, how do they know so much and how can they afford that kind of customer security service?’

The trick is getting the right system in place - that’s why we’ve put together this checklist: Tech features which make your life easier and show customers that their security is taken seriously.

And guess what? We offer all of them at Hadageto with 3 months’ free trial. If you don’t love our platform (you will!) just cancel during your trial.

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Secure methods to share and store sensitive documents

Using tech like ours, you can safely store documents and send them to customers. This enables consultants to stay GDPR compliant and shows customers that their information is being handled with care.

Your customers can also use our tech for free to send documents back to you in the same super-secure way (there’s more about that below).

Let’s look more closely at this.

You wouldn’t leave your car unlocked, online shopping account open or mobile phone without a passcode. So, why would you send important documents without a step of extra access security?

It takes 30 seconds.

Software that’s free for customers and simple to use

Battling with overly complicated or expensive tech are the biggest headaches customers expect to encounter when getting documents safely organised online.

Hadageto is designed specifically to avoid that. Our tech is for small and independent businesses in need of a simple, cost-effective way to take customer security seriously; all of the sophistication many associate with big corporate giants, without the large price tag.

You can also set your customers up with free accounts so that they can send documents back to you in an equally secure manner and you don’t even have to upload them.

Being able to do that without having to pay anything is unique and our users love that feature. Check it out with three months’ free trial when you sign up at hadageto - Registration.

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Alternative, safe tech to avoid overusing email

Emails with banking information attached are an all-round terrible idea, but what if you could still use email – let’s face it, everyone does – and avoid the litany of cybersecurity issues it presents?

That’s exactly what Hadageto enables you to do. You never have to lose an attachment or trawl through multiple message versions in your inbox or outbox again.

Many customers have wised-up on how insecure email is. They use it more carefully and expect mechanisms for safe storing and sharing to be on offer. If you are looking to get up to speed, you’ve come to the right place to start.

Document tracking – see when they are opened and downloaded

Imagine how helpful it would be if, having securely stored a document and send your link to the customer, you could also keep track of when they click on it and when the document is downloaded?

With Hadageto, you can.

Fully transparent audit trails which show who has access to what information

When you post or email an important document, can you ever truly be sure about who has access to it and where it has ended up? No, you can’t.

With Hadageto, you can. The ‘audit trail’ might not be a term you’re familiar with, so let’s look at an example of how it works: If your small business or advisory consultancy was audited, wouldn’t it be ideal to provide access to an auditor with everything stored and shared from one place, tracked and easily visible? Yes, it would.

There are obvious reasons why that is helpful to maintain GDPR compliance as well.

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Easy access to safe places where documents are stored and shared

The global push towards working remotely during 2020 has hammered home the simple fact that having the document you need ‘somewhere in the office’ isn’t good enough.

We have all said to ourselves “it’s in a safe place, I just need to find it”.

We are all online. Having one secure place where you can confidently store and quickly retrieve the document you need is a no-brainer. If you can safely send and track where it goes, even better.

Can you afford not to?

Solutions with the same personal touch offered by face-to-face service

Every small business consultant knows that personal service is the hallmark of why customers like to work with you. It can also be useful if customers need a nudging reminder to pay invoices.

Your relationships remain personal when you use our technology. In fact, with secure document storing, sharing and tracking all handled by us, you’ll have more time to get to know your customers and generate new ones.

A greener, more organised, paperless solution

When improving the environmental footprint of your business means being safer and more organised at the same time, it makes a lot of sense.

There are a lot of headlines about big corporations and government departments ‘going paperless’ while enjoying productivity and security benefits. Hadageto enables small businesses and sole traders to do the same.

Peace of mind that personal information security is being taken seriously

For customers, it can’t get any better. The security and handling of their information are done with the greatest care when you use a system like ours.

It makes it easier for everyone involved and can have a positive impact on retention, too; why would your customers shop around when they know that you take security seriously and offer personal service that is second to none?

It’s the perfect time to find out why independent consultants and small business leaders use Hadageto. Have a three-month free trial on us when you take one minute to sign-up here: hadageto - Registration.

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