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About Hadageto

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About Hadageto

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Hadageto is the brainchild of three document management industry veterans.

Simon Ellis - CEO

Simon is a serial entrepreneur, having started his first business back in the 80’s. Since then he has lead or founded several Document Management businesses, culminating in the successful exit from Box-it in 2018.

He is the Commercial Director of the Information and Records Management Society in the UK, a post recognising his deep experience in Document and Records Management.

The idea for Hadageto has been with Simon for years. Helping successful businesses apply Document Management principles to transform their paperwork to digital workflows, Simon saw the need for smaller businesses and even non-business people to use the same principles to organise themselves. The idea wouldn’t go away, and in 2018 Simon was finally in a position to scratch this itch.

Mark Snow - CMO

Mark is an attorney and has been a founding member of six startups. He has been an innovator throughout his career, having created many new products for his clients by combining his knowledge of law, business strategy and marketing with his well-honed listening skills.

As one of the co-founders of Hadageto, and based in the US, Mark has used his experience as CEO of to help develop Hadageto into a service that responds to the needs of professionals and small and medium sized businesses, whether based in the US, the EU, the UK, or anywhere else in the world.

Mark has a BA from Marquette University and a JD from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Mark encourages client feedback and suggestions for improving Hadageto.

Marcus Holmes - CTO

Marcus has been coding since he was 11 years old. He has spent 25 years developing software products for businesses, including 6 years working with Simon developing the software business that eventually became part of Box-it.

Marcus has spent many years in Perth, Australia, helping to build the Perth startup community, including running the Startup News blog, and co-founding several failed startups there. He was also CEO of the Phnom Penh Post in Cambodia from 2017-2018, successfully delivering the newspaper’s digital renewal and overseeeing its eventual sale.

Marcus has an MBA from Curtin University in Western Australia, because the hard problems were never the technology, always the business and people.

Marcus is responsible for building the Hadageto technology stack, and appreciates people telling him when he’s got something wrong.


Hadageto solves the problem of secure sharing of documents between small businesses and their clients whilst keeping all business records organised and quickly accessible.

Sharing in particular is a problem (especially when working remotely to stay safe) because email is not secure and does not organise the documents so they can be found. How many times have you tried searching through your inbox to find that critical email that has the attachment that you now need? Hadageto is the answer to that problem.

There are lots of document-sharing systems out there, but they almost all focus on collaboration. Hadageto does not focus on collaboration so that you can be sure that the document you see is the original loaded by you or your client. Hadageto is firmly based in sound Document Management principles, based on the founders' extensive experience in that industry.

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